As a long standing firm and a leader in its field of operations in Ireland, Croskerrys aims to carry out its business in a socially responsible manner while respecting the needs of employees, clients, the courts, suppliers, other stakeholders and regulators.

We understand the position of our clients in this regard and appreciate that corporate and social responsibility must be central to our strategy and corporate purpose.

The procedures and systems that we have developed over the years reflect our policy and commitment to the principles of operating our business in accordance with best practice regarding corporate and social responsibility including our dealings with our suppliers.

We comply strictly with all aspects of money laundering and anti-corruption legislation. No employees are allowed to accept gifts. Any receipt of bribes, any breach of confidentiality, or any occurrence of theft, fraud or dishonesty of any kind involving the company, or any of its staff, clients or suppliers, is expressly forbidden under all staff contracts of employment.

Croskerrys is fully compliant with all applicable laws and regulations, including all requirements of the Data Protection legislation. Our Data Security policy is clearly set out and available to all users of our web site.

Croskerrys is proud of its high staff retention performance. This is a reflection on how we value our employees. We comply with applicable law on forced labour and the minimum working age. We operate a safe and healthy workplace and maintain an up to date Health and Safety Statement.

We comply with the law on employment equality, we do not tolerate abusive or exploitative behaviours and we adhere at all times to the laws and standards regarding work hours and compensation.

As employers, Croskerrys complies with its statutory obligations under the Employer Equality Act, 1998, the Equal Status Act, 1998, and the Minimum Wage Act, 2002

Croskerrys complies with all applicable environmental regulations and we promote environmental awareness and good practice as follows:

  • We operate a recycling policy
  • We sponsor employees on the bike to work scheme
  • We support employees on the discounted bus scheme
  • We minimise paper usage by storing all documents and letters produced electronically in our document management system rather than printing out file copies.
  • We monitor energy consumption and always seek to reduce this.

Croskerrys recognises that its clients operate with strong ethical practices across their business activities. Equally, we not only comply with all applicable laws and regulatory requirements in this regard, but we also actively promote good ethical practices.

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