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Issue of Proceedings and Obtaining of Judgement

The legal proceedings will be issued in the appropriate area and jurisdiction and will set out the parties to the action, the circumstances in which the debt became due, the amount claimed, and the fees claimed by the plaintiff.

These are summary proceedings brought with a view to obtaining judgement through the court office on affidavit. There will only be a court hearing if the proceedings are defended.

The proceedings are served by registered post and the debtor has a certain period to respond, after which we prepare an Affidavit of Debt for completion by the client. After the client has sworn the Affidavit and returned it to us we lodge it with the court and request that Judgement be marked.

The terminology and timescales in the different jurisdictions are as follows:-

Circuit Court
Title of Proceedings Civil Summons Civil Bill Summary Summons
Time allowed for debtor to respond Approximately 30 days 14 days 14 days
Time taken by Courts To issue Judgement 30-60 days 30-60 days 7 days
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