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Foreign Judgements

If Judgement was obtained in an EU member State it can be enforced within the jurisdiction of the Irish Courts by obtaining an Order from the Master of the High Court. Proof of Service of the Original Writ and Judgement on the Defendant together with a Certificate from the local court in which Judgement was obtained are required before the application can be made.

If the Master is satisfied that the documents have been properly served, and that there is no Appeal pending, or stay on the Judgement, he will grant an Order giving liberty to enforce the Judgement in this jurisdiction. The Order must be served on the defendant, who has one month to appeal. If an appeal is brought, there are limited grounds on which the defendant can upset the Judgement.

Even for Judgements for very low amounts, the application must still be made in the High Court which makes it costly. Please Contact Us to enquire about this procedure.

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